Comic 1 - Prologue - Page 1 - [NEW READERS, see author notes below!]

12th Aug 2017, 12:00 AM in Prologue
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Prologue - Page 1 - [NEW READERS, see author notes below!]
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Rajeet Dave 13th Jul 2017, 6:00 PM edit delete
Rajeet Dave
Edit 04/12/17 - New readers, be aware: I'll be redrawing this prologue and Chapter 1 at some point so the art better reflects what's seen in later chapters. Expect it to come over the coming months - the first few updates came at a time when I was still learning how to do this whole comics thing and I'd like new readers to see consistent art from the beginning, rather than it taking a jump in Ch 2.

Edit #2 - 17/2/18 - see this page for a big update re: redraws and the future of Vitreous for the next few months.

Hello and welcome to Vitreous - the story of one mage's journey to save his reputation's race in a wartorn nation!

If you've come here from instagram then we finally made it! After 2.5 years this thing's finally up! And if you know me from insta then you'll also know I'm a huge fan of sharing behind-the-scenes tidbits. And that's just what I'll use these author comments to do!

This prologue was actually a very late addition to Vitreous. What does Vitreous even mean, you ask? Head over to the FAQs after reading the prologue and Chapter 1 and it'll make sense. But without the prologue, I realised I was using a cryptic name whose meaning wouldn't become apparent until we're much deeper into this story. That's why I included it - plus it added some much needed hype.

(Also I'm really proud of that raven!)